‚ÄčSession Presentation Guidelines Lecture PresentationThe duration of every presentation slot is either 20 or 17 minutes depending on the total number of papers (5 or 6) in each session, which includes 2 minutes for Q&A. Presenters should arrive in their session room 10 minutes and report to the session chair 10 minutes before the beginning of their session to. A student volunteer will be available. A video projector and a screen will be prepared. There will be no microphone system in the oral presentation room due to its small size.  Poster PresentationThe size of the poster panel that is available to each presenter is size B0 (141.4 cm x 100.0 cm) for a single landscape poster, or size B1 (70.7 cm x 100.0 cm) for 2 portrait posters displayed side by side. Please put up your poster just before the session and remove it immediately after its end. Your posters will be attached to the panel with pins, which will be available on the panel. After you have removed your poster, please leave the pins on the board. If you need more pins, please contact the staff at the service desk.