Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How can I be a member in APSIPA?
A. You need to fill in membership form online through the link and pay the fee. Then you will be granted a membership number
Q. How the registration number is structured?
A. The registration number comprises 6 digits preceded by a letter refers to the membership type. The first two digits refer to the year of joining APSIPA. For example, M090006 refers to a full member joining APSIPA in 2009 and his/her registration number is 0006.
Q. What should I do if I forget my membership number?
A. You simply go to the main APSIPA webpage and click on the My APSIPA radio button on the top-right of the page. You will be guided to the login page where you can find all your information including the membership numbers.
Q. What happens if I stop the membership for some years?
A. If you stop the membership for up to 5 years you will retain all your previous information including the membership number. However, all information will be discarded after 5 years of stopping the membership and a new membership number will be issued for a new request for membership.
Q. Is it true that the membership renewal is free for any registrant in APSIAP conferences?
A. Yes, it is true! As a start up incentive for people to know APSIPA organisation we have adopted this policy. This is not a permanent policy yet it is valid for now.
Q. How can someone benefit from being a member in APSIPA when register for an APSIAP conference?
A. There is normally a good saving for members when registering for APSIPA conferences. For the first time registrants in APSIPA conferences, they have to fill in the membership form first and pay the membership fee to get a membership number. Then, they can benefit from the conference registration discount. In the subsequent years, the renewal of the membership will be free as long as they continue attending APSIPA conferences.