Accepted Special Sessions

The following special session proposals are accepted. Click here for instructions for paper submission.

Proposal No. Title
1 Recent Advances in Deep Learning with Applications
2 Intelligent Autonomous Driving Systems and IoT‐driven Applications
3 Advanced Technology for End‐to‐End Speech Processing
4 Affect and Emotion Processing in Human‐Machine Interaction
5 Towards Human-Robot Collaboration: Enabling Technologies, Interfaces, Learning and Interaction
6 Signal Processing Methods and Algorithms for Next Generation Communications Systems
7 Signal processing for measurement and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications
8 Advanced Topics on Structured Dictionary for Multidimensional Signal Processing
9 Recent developments in theory and applications of fractional and sparse signal processing
10 New perspectives in signal processing for hearing devices:
Combining neural and psychophysical factors
11 Multimedia Security and Forensics
12 Advanced topics in linear and nonlinear adaptive signal and information processing in adverse environments
13 Recent advances in Intelligent Audio Processing
14 Recent Advances in Signal Processing Application with Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0)
15 Large-Scale Stochastic Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
16 Biometric-based Information and Signal Processing algorithms for Intelligent systems
17 Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Audio and Speech Applications
18 Advanced Image Processing and Computer Vision Techniques
19 Multilingual speech and language processing for minority languages
20 Open Source OAI and Algorithms to 5G Networking
21 Advances in Multimedia Security and Forensic
22 Recent Topics on Active Control of Sound
23 Speech enhancement and segmentation based on CASA and machine learning
24 Recent Advances in Spatial and Multichannel Speech and Audio Processing
25 Signal processing and artificial intelligence for multimedia surveillance
26 Recent advances in video coding and transmission
27 Multimedia Security and Privacy
28 Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence
29 Recent Progress on Human Computer/Machine Interface (HCI/HMI) and its Applications
30 Use of signal/image processing techniques for computational biology and medical applications
31 Emerging Techniques in Video Analytics and Video Coding System
32 Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Visual Understanding
33 Learning Approaches and Video Scene Restoration

Last updated – 22 June 2017

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