On behalf of the Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) it is my great pleasure and honor to welcome each of you to the APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference (ASC), to be held in-person in Chiang Mai, Thailand from November 7-10, 2022. This is the 14th APSIPA ASC and the first in-person ASC to be held fully in-person since 2019.

The first APSIPA ASC was held in Sapporo, Japan in 2009 and we have had annual ASCs every year since then in locations around Asia, United States, and New Zealand. Since 2009, APSIPA has become a vibrant community of researchers and educators in signal and information processing. APSIPA now has many activities for our members including distinguished lecturers, seasonal schools, technical committee activities, and local chapter activities. In addition, we have the APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing and the APSIPA Newsletter. Our premier event and most visible activity continue to be our Annual Summit and Conference. We hope that all of you can enjoy, learn, and benefit from this year’s ASC.

This year, the APSIPA ASC will be held in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai which has a rich history and is a cultural landmark (UNESCO title of creative city) located in a mountainous region in northern Thailand. This is the first APSIPA ASC to be held in-person since the outbreak of COVID-19 as APSIPA ASC 2020 held in Auckland, New Zealand was entirely virtual and APSIPA ASC 2021 held in Tokyo, Japan was a hybrid (in-person and virtual) conference. We look forward to welcoming back the APSIPA community in person at the ASC.

We give our sincere thanks to the entire organizing committee and volunteers with special thanks to the General Co-Chairs: Prof. Nipon Theera-Umpon, Prof. Kosin Chamnongthai, Prof. Toshihisa Tanaka, and Prof. Kenneth Kin-Man Lam. They have worked hard to put together a great program that includes keynote talks, overview sessions, special sessions, regular sessions, and an industrial forum. Additionally, there will be a winter school (date and time to be announced) and the second APSIPA women’s event (date and time to be announced). We would also like to thank the keynote speakers, authors of special session and regular papers, and all attendees.

We look forward to a very successful APSIPA ASC and I hope to interact with many of you.

Best wishes and thank you,
Anthony Kuh
President, APSIPA (2021-2022)