Invited Session
Panel Session 1
APSIPA and Its Future
Date: October 5, 14:00 15:40
Location: Room A (Special Conference Room)
Organizer: APSIPA ASC 2009 International Organizing Committee
The APSIPA is a new association and it promotes all aspects of research and education on signal and information processing. The field of interest of APSIPA concerns all aspects of signals and information including processing, recognition, classification, communications, networking, computing, system design, security, implementation, and technology with applications to scientific, engineering, and social areas.
In this panel, the significance and structure of APSIPA are introduced and its future is discussed.
Prof. S. Furui (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
APSIPA Steering Committee Chair
Prof. Lin-Shan Lee (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
APSIPA By-law Working Group Vice-Chair
Prof. K. J. Ray Liu (University of Maryland, USA)
APSIPA By-law Working Group Chair
Prof. Wan-Chi Siu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
APSIPA Conference and Activity Working Group Chair