Invited Session
Panel Session 2
R&D strategies of Industries in Asia Pacific Area
Date: October 6, 13:30 15:10
Location: Room B (Small Hall)
Organizer: Kiyoharu Aizawa, University of Tokyo, Japan.

Asia Pacific (AP) is the fastest growing region in the world. This panel focuses on research and development strategies of the industries in Asia Pacific Region.
The main issues include

- R&D focuses of AP industries
- approaches and methodologies in R&D
- human resources to attract, nurture, and retain talents
- collaborations with universities across AP region and world-wide
- vision of future growth

Each speaker will make a short presentation regarding the above issues, followed by discussions.

Dr. Shawmin Lei, (Mediatek Inc., Taiwan)
Dr. S. Matsumoto (KDDI, Japan)
Dr. Y. Matsushita (Microsoft Research - Asia)
Prof. Q. Zhang (National Science Foundation of China and Communication University, China)