Autoware Hands-on Workshop


Autoware, Open Source, Autonomous driving, ROS


Assistant Prof. Alexander Carballo,

Information Science and Mechanical Engineering Division,

Institute of Innovation for Future Society,

Nagoya University, Japan.

Prof. Qingguo Zhou,

Distributed & Embedded System Lab,

School of Information Science & Engineering,

Lanzhou University, China.

Hosting institution

Lanzhou University

Supporting organizer

Mr. Lou Xichao, Venus Intelligent Co. Ltd.

NO.7043, Sitong st., Erdao Zone, Cangchun, China.


Autoware an open source platform for autonomous driving, with the largest autonomous driving open source community. Based on ROS, it has found widespread adoption among robotics and mobility related research and industry. So far, Autoware is used by 100+ companies, runs on 30+ vehicles, is used in 20+ countries, as well as for education in 5 countries. Autoware.AI is the original Autoware project build on ROS 1, launched as a research and development platform for autonomous driving technology for researchers, developers, and students interested in autonomous driving technology. Autoware.Auto is the next generation of Autoware based on ROS 2, managed by an open source community manager, applies best-in-class software engineering practices, and is based on a redesigned architecture.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce Autoware to the APSIPA ASC 2019 community and to discuss self-driving activities. This full-day workshop will be dedicated explain all the elements of Autoware. A technical tour to Lanzhou University is also included for a demonstration of their recent activities and educational self-driving vehicles using Autoware. Invited speakers from academia and industry will provide their invaluable insights to the adoption of Autoware and self-driving technology.

Time and Place

November 18th at Gansu International Conference Center (GICC) room A3

Agenda (Tentative)

Welcome, Introduction to Autoware, Self-driving activities at Lanzhou University and Nagoya University
Basic Operations of Autoware, Data Recording/Playing and Sensor Calibration (Mr. Yichong Xu, Lanzhou University)
Coffee Break (continue discussion and meet colleagues over coffee)
Invited talk 1: Prof. Jim Huang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China
Invited talk 2: Prof. Jun Shen, University of Wollongong, Australia
Lunch Break
3D Map Generation and Localization, Object Detection and Tracking (Mr. Jacob Lambert, Nagoya University)
Path Generation and Path Planning, Path Following and Vehicle Control (Dr. Alexander Carballo, Nagoya University)
Invited talk 3: Prof. Fei Qiao, Tsinghua University, China
Invited talk 4: Dr. Jingfeng Liu, CEO DeepCam, Shenzhen, China
Invited talk 5: Mr. Zebang Shen, DAIMLER, China
Move to Lanzhou University (technical tour)
16:30-17:45 Lanzhou University self-driving demonstration
Return to APSIPA ASC 2019 Venue
APSIPA ASC 2019 Welcome reception

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