President's Message

I am very glad to assume the responsibility as President of the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) which was established on 23 July 2009. It is a difficult task to make further advancement after the very capable leadership of my predecessors, Prof. Sadaoki Furui (2009-2012) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology/Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, Prof. C.C. Jay Kuo (2013-2014) of the University of Southern California and Prof. Haizhou Li (2015-2016) of the National University of Singapore, who led the Association with great success with a lot of achievements. Anyway, I will do some good work for the Association, and all our future developments rely on your support and encouragement. On behalf of the Association, I would also like to welcome the newly elected or re-elected BoG members. These include: Prof. Hitoshi Kiya as the President-Elect, Prof. Woon-Seng Gan as the Vice President of Institutional Relationship and Educational Program (VP-IRE), and Prof. Supavadee Aramvith , Prof. Kosin Chamnongthai, Prof. Nam Ik Cho, Prof. Chung-Nan Lee and Prof. Toshihisa Tanaka as members of BoG. Many congratulations!

The past few years have been an extraordinary time for the field Signal and Information Processing that I have ever seen in my entire career. That said, the past is merely prologue. We are just at the beginning of a period of change, changes that hold great promise for the Association, the scientific community and for humanity.

But great changes can also bring great risks. Navigating successfully through this period of change will, more than ever before, require decisions based on observation, dedication and determination. The Association will work closer with our conference organizers, DLs and other stakeholders, and make further focus our energies on our leading-edge technologies and other research trends. I look forward to building on that success and growing both the membership base and conference offerings for the Association. But to do so, I will need your help.

I hope that, in my new capacity as the President of the Association, I will not only sustain but enhance my existing relationships with all of the friends, colleagues and members I have been privileged to know in my career. I also hope to make many new friends in this new role.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to identify areas for improvements for the operations of APSIPA and listen to your ideas on potential new ones as part of my charge to broaden and upgrade current offerings.

While I have some ideas, I want the voice of the members to drive these decisions. Please send me your ideas to, and please join me at APSIPA-ASC' 2017. I look forward to speaking with you there.

Thank you. It is truly an honor to be here and a privilege to serve the Association.

Wan-Chi Siu
President (2017-2018), APSIPA