President's Message

It is my great honor to serve as President of the Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) for 2021-2022. I look forward to working with the Board of Governors BoG, Advisory Board, and members of APSIPA to continue strengthening and growing our association. We have been very fortunate to have strong leadership that started from our founding President, Sadaoki Furui, followed by past Presidents Jay Kuo, Haizhou Li, Wan-Chi Siu, and founding member and organizer, Ray Liu. I would also like to thank Hitoshi Kiya who served as President of APSIPA for the last two years. He provided critical leadership in guiding APSIPA and was instrumental in promoting many activities including introducing APSIPA local chapters (Japan and Taiwan established local chapters).

Last month we had a very successful 12th APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference that was originally scheduled to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, but was held virtually. The conference also had a summer school that took place after the conference finished. Thank you to the general chairs: Waleed Abdulla, Jay Kuo, Tatsuya Kawahara, and the entire organizing committee for their great work in running a terrific conference and their work in transitioning the conference from an onsite conference to a virtual conference. The virtual format provides new opportunities for APSIPA to reach out to our community in providing services including future conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings and summer schools. In the publication area we are also transitioning the APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing from Cambridge University Press to a new publisher and are working with publishers on a new APSIPA series of Open Access books. We also look forwards to continuing and new activities for APSIPA membership including workshops through local chapters, workshops from the technical committees, distinguished lectures, and more industry activities and collaborations.

We have built a solid core of membership for APSIPA over the last eleven years. Our conference has been very successful with record number of attendees in the last four years. We look to continue to build our membership over the next few years, especially in obtaining more diversity: geographic (encourage members from more underrepresented countries), women, early career researchers (students, postdocs, junior faculty), and industry members. Building our membership will depend on building our technical and social relationships. Jay Kuo was successful in establishing the Friend Labs and we will continue to reach out to our membership through virtual and in person social and technical events including continuing our newsletter. The APSIPA website will also serve as a repository for giving members access to videos from APSIPA keynote speeches, tutorials and distinguished lectures and provide additional benefits. APSIPA will continue to be at the forefront of signal and information processing research and we are well positioned to provide leading research in key research and technology areas such as machine learning and data science. Our newest Technical Committee (TC) is the Machine Learning and Data Analytics (MLDA) TC.

Finally we note that while this past year has been a most challenging year with the coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, social injustice, and ongoing climate change, with the introduction of approved vaccines for COVID-19 there is optimism for a much more promising 2021. I look forwards to working with APSIPA members in improving our services and providing a growing community to afford opportunities to learn, educate, and collaborate. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes for a safe and happy new year,

Tony Kuh

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