President's Message

The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing economic region in the world, where a large number of researchers, engineers, educators, and students are working in the field of information technology. Driven by the vision to establish an international organization that fosters interaction and collaboration on research and education in this region, the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) was founded on October 5, 2009.

APSIPA is a non-profit organization covering research of all aspects of signals and information, including processing, recognition, classification, communications, networking, computing, system design, security, implementation, and technology with applications to scientific, engineering, health, and social areas. The mission of APSIPA has the following five aspects:

  • Providing education, research and development exchange platforms for both academia and industry
  • Organizing common-interest activities for researchers and practitioners
  • Facilitating collaboration with region-specific focuses and promoting leadership for worldwide events
  • Disseminating research results and educational material via publications, presentations, and electronic media
  • Offering personal and professional career opportunities with development information and networking

Under the visionary leadership by Prof. Sadaoki Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Founding President (2009-2012), and Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California, the Past President (2013-2014), APSIPA has built a solid foundation with a vibrant community of members and rich activities.

  • Annual conferences were successfully held in Sapporo, Japan (2009), Singapore (2010), Xian, China (2011) and Hollywood, USA (2012), Kaohsiung (2013), and Siem Reap, Cambodia (2014).
  • APSIPA currently is home to 1800 full/student members and 3170 e-members.
  • APSIPA launched an open-access journal "APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing" published by the Cambridge University Press in 2012.
  • APSIPA started a Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) in 2012, and have delivered near 100 distinguished lectures ever since.
  • APSIPA published four newsletters every year.
  • APSIPA established the APSIPA Social Network of 260 Friend Labs in 17 countries to promote interaction via modern social networking tools since 2013.
  • APSIPA established a strategic partnership with IEEE Signal Processing Society to strengthen its publication and educational programs since 2014.
  • APSIPA established its Industry Program since 2014.

Asia Pacific region embraces the largest R&D investment in the world, where we observe a substantial increase of research activities and scientific publications in recent years. APSIPA exists to serve the community in this land of opportunities.

It is my great honor and responsibility to succeed Prof. Kuo and serve as the 3rd President of APSIPA from 2015-2016. I am committed to furthering the vision of the past presidents and bringing APSIPA to new heights. I would like to focus on two new initiatives:

  • Mobilizing the technical committees to strengthen APSIPA's leadership position and to increase the value of association to its members, and
  • Establishing institutional partnership with other national and international societies to accelerate the growth of APSIPA membership and social network.

I wish to take this opportunity to invite you to join APSIPA as a member, a volunteer or a Friend Lab, to submit papers to the Annual Summit and Conferences, and to participate in the exciting technical events. I am confident that APSIPA will continue to grow rapidly in a healthy manner to meet your need.

I look forward to working closely with all of you, and your feedback comments are very welcome.

Haizhou Li

APSIPA President 2015-2016