President's Message

It is my great honor and privilege to write to all of you as the new president of the Asia-Pacific Signal Information Processing Association (APSIPA). First, let me express my very best wishes to everyone for a happy and successful New Year 2019. As you may know, APSIPA was established in 2009 as a non-profit organization, and officially registered in Hong Kong, by the strong leadership of its founders. The APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference (ASC) 2018 was held as the 10th anniversary conference under the chairmanship of Prof. Yih-Fang Huang, Prof. Anthony Kuh, and Prof. Susanto Rahardja in its birthplace, Hawaii, where the idea of APSIPA was discussed for the first time during IEEE ICASSP 2007. The APSIPA 10th anniversary magazine was also published for the celebration of the 10th anniversary, under the leadership of Prof. Wan-Chi Siu, the Past President (2017¡V2018). On behalf of the association, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed their dedicated effort to make APSIPA a great success.

In the short span of just 10 years, APSIPA has built a solid foundation with rich activities under the leadership of our past presidents and founders. To date, APSIPA has launched:

  • APSIPA ASC, an annual conference, in 2009
  • Technical Committees in 2009
  • APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing, an open-access journal, published by the Cambridge University Press in 2012
  • A Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) and APSIPA Newsletters in 2012
  • APSIPA Friend Labs Program in 2013
  • A strategic partnership with the IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2014
  • APSIPA Industry Program in 2014
  • Sadaoki Furui Prize Paper Award in 2016
  • APSIPA Grand Award in 2018

At APSIPA ASC 2018, a Presidential Forum was organized as an event to celebrate the 10th APSIPA ASC, where each President (past, present, and future) talked about the history of APSIPA from their perspective along with their vision for the future. Future directions for APSIPA were discussed together with audiences, and the Forum was very fruitful for all participants. Through this event, I am confident that APSIPA will continue to thrive and evolve, and will provide a greater leadership to the signal and information processing R&D community. I have accepted this challenge to bring APSIPA to new heights. In addition to furthering the vision of the past presidents, I would like to focus on the following new initiatives.

  • Establishing APSIPA local chapters to collaborate with DL activities, Friend Labs, local associations, seasonal schools, and workshops
  • Launching events to encourage young researchers, Ph.D. students, and women researchers¡Xnot only to increase our visibility, but also to link such people with senior individuals in the APSIPA community for future APSIPA activities.

There are various languages, cultures, traditions, and economic environments in the Asia-pacific region. Each country and area has its own characteristics and technology bases, and therefore APSIPA should provide services that carefully consider such individuality while providing a collective identity and representation to the world community. Fortunately, many senior researchers and educators with very rich experience are a part of the APSIPA community. As one of the above initiatives is to link senior people to the younger generation, APSIPA will offer members the opportunity to network and make connections with such senior people.

We look forward to working with many active people in the area of signal and information processing, and to furthering technological progress in the Asia-Pacific region. We would like to ask you all to regularly participate in our conference, APSIPA ASC, where first-class plenary talks, tutorials, overviews, and panels are provided, and to submit your articles to our open access journal, APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing, which enables us to instantly disseminate new research findings to the worldwide community at low cost.

We are open to new ideas and suggestions for encouraging APSIPA activities, so please feel free to contact us. We will certainly benefit from your insights. In closing, let me remind you that APSIPA ASC 2019 will be held in Lanzhou, China, and APSIPA ASC 2020 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Lanzhou and Auckland.

Hitoshi Kiya
President (2019-2020), APSIPA

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