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Asia-Pacific of Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) is an international association that promotes the advancement of signal and information processing research and development. This includes fostering international research exchange and nurturing young students and researchers to excel in our field. Signal and information processing is a core subject that finds its niche in many disciplines so advancements in SIP will benefit all these fields. The membership fees are greatly reduced to make APSIPA services available to as many people as possible and accordingly contribute widely to proliferate knowledge, which is one of the APSIPA missions.

To motivate APSIPA members to participate in APSIPA conferences, the registration for the 15th APSIPA conference (www.apsipa2023.org) implies an automatic renewal of APSIPA membership up to the end of December 2024. Online Registration will open in September 2023.


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FAQs about APSIPA Membership
Membership Benefits
Members will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Links to highly qualified people within the organization to develop research, technology, teaching, and career.

  • Discount fee on APSIPA conferences

  • Reduced subscription fee for APSIPA journals.

  • Access to information about the international activities in signal and information processing such as conferences, continuing education, short courses, seminars, distinguished lecture series, student internships, scholarships, job listings, publication venues, and mentorships.

Membership Categories:
There are two main categories in APSIPA membership:
1. Individual Memberships
  • Student Membership
    Student members are those who are enrolled full time in universities, institutes, or any accredited degree.

  • Full Membership
    Full members are individuals interested in being part of the APSIPA mission to excel signal and information processing field. They are eligible to vote, hold positions in APSIPA association, and contribute to serve as editorial board and program committee members in APSIPA journals and conferences.

  • Life Membership
    Full members may choose to subscribe as life members pending on paying the discount fee of life membership. Early-bird registration fee is available for life members at all times when registering for APSIPA ASC.

2. Patron Memberships
  • Patron Members shall consist of those institutions, companies, laboratories or other organizations in signals and information processing, and which shall be from time to time elected to membership in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association.

Membership subscription Fees

1. Individual Memberships

Type of membership
Fees in US$
Fees in HK$
Student Membership
10 (per annual)
78 (per annual)
Full Membership
30 (per annual)
234 (per annual)
Life Membership
300 (a one-off fee)
2340 (a one-off fee)

2. Patron Memberships
The patron membership fee is decided upon agreement with APSIPA based on the type of organisation and number of participants.

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