APSIPA Book Series

APSIPA will launch the APSIPA Open Access Book Series, in collaboration with the NOW Publishers and Springer publishers. These books can be edited volumes, monographs, or textbooks. At least one author of each of the books must be an APSIPA member, and they can choose the publisher and the mode of publication.

Proposed arrangements between APSIPA and Authors

  • APSIPA will pay all the publication fee.
  • APSIPA can also provide financial help for language editing, with an amount of US$ 1,600 – US$ 2,500.
  • APSIPA will share the book’s copyright with the authors.
  • The royalties received will first be used to cover the language-editing costs, then the royalties will be shared by APSIPA and the authors in the ratio of 50:50.

APSIPA Book Series Editorial Board (Editorial Board Guidelines)

In order to guarantee the quality of the books published under the APSIPA Book Series, an APSIPA Book Series Editorial Board will be established. All the book proposals will first be submitted to the Editorial Board, and then subject to peer-review for quality assurance, and help the authors to fine-tune their book. The authors should accompany their proposals with at least two sample chapters for their proposed books. After the acceptance of a book proposal, the proposed book should be completed within 12 months.

Editorial Board will be established in March 2021.

Call for Book Proposals

After the set up of the Book Series Editorial Board, call for Book Proposals will commence.

APSIPA Book Series Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Nam Ik Cho

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